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Public Event Catering

Public Event Catering

There are thousands of public shows and events every year, and here at abbotsevents we attend as many as we can to cater for the public, crew and talent. We go to various shows from agricultural events, to festivals as well as small events such as local wedding and antique shows. When we go to these events we take units that fit the shows. The food units we can offer are below!

abbotsevents has oodles of experience in managing public shows, so whether the show is for a 1000 or 20,000 we can supply enough catering units for all of the public. We understand that it is important that everyone is fed fast and efficiently and abbotsevents does not believe in queues that create your hunger pangs.

So if you are planning a large show at a showground or an estate, whether it be a music festival, craft fair or dog show, you can contract it out to abbotsevents where will help make the show an experience for everyone.

All our units offer tea, coffee, hot chocolate and soft drinks so every unit has everything you need!

where it began...

2008 the toasted sandwich co.

The healthy option, with freshly made toasties, jacket potatoes and quality filter coffee, our toastie family is where it all began. If offers a wide range of catering for all our customers, especially those who love CHEESE!


+ farmers kitchen

Developing our unit family we added farmers kitchen. The perfect unit for our hungry customers looking for a Lincolnshire Hot Dog or a made to order Cheese Burger - farmers kitchen has your hunger in mind.

Stonebaked Pizza

If it is an Italian theme you are after our stone baked pizza is perfect! We make each pizza for each customer which means you can customise your pizza from the list of fresh ingredients we offer. Our marquee gives the pizzeria a rustic yet fashionable look that we can customise, this means we fit in to every show and event.



makeitmeat understands the importance of protein in your diet whilst on the go. His locally sourced meat is perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Betty the Bedford

This is a new part of the abbotsevents family and is a vintage looking unit that we are very flexible with. We have a barista coffee machine which means we can do coffee the proper way; latte, cappuccino even a mocha! We can make it into vintage tea and coffee with china plates and cups. Also, adding scones, variety of cakes and more.


Harold #7

He is one of our most versatile units, he can offer toasties one day, to burgers the next. His versatility means he is a crucial member of the team as he can do just about anything 🙂