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Selecting the ideal caterer for your corporate event is critical in ensuring that your function leaves a positive, lasting impression on your attendees. It is about more than just the provision of food and drink; it is about enhancing the entire experience with high-quality, diverse, and well delivered services that mirror the tone and ambition of your occasion.

Drawing from the expertise of the team at Abbots Events, this guide has been enriched with essential considerations to assist you in making an informed choice for your corporate catering needs, tailored to UK industry standards and expectations.

Prioritising Quality and Diversity

At the core of any successful corporate catering event lies quality food. An experienced catering company, guided by insights from professionals like those at Abbots Events, will offer bespoke menus that not only cater to the broad taste of your guests but also to specific dietary needs. From hot and cold assortments to a variety of foods including hog roasts, sophisticated afternoon tea, and vibrant international cuisines, the goal is to delight and surprise your guests.

The diversity presented by your chosen caterer should echo the rich and ever-changing character of modern cuisine, ensuring there’s something memorable for every guest, whether it’s the depth of flavour in a slow-cooked hog roast or the intricate tastes offered by an afternoon tea.


Bespoke Menus and Personalised Service

A hallmark of a catering company that truly understands and values its clients’ needs is the provision of a bespoke menu. This level of customisation allows for unique dining experiences tailored to the theme and ambiance of your event. Whether you’re setting up a formal dinner with a mix of hot and cold dishes on display, or having a casual event with exciting street food, being able to tailor the menu makes your event stand out.


Selecting the Right Catering Company

In your search for a catering company, consider their depth of experience and the range of corporate catering services they offer. Insights from Abbots Events highlight the added value a family-run business often brings, including a personal touch and a strong commitment to quality, making your event feel uniquely attentive and well-managed.

Seek out a catering company that not only supplies a variety of high-quality food but also demonstrates a good understanding of event planning and guest satisfaction. Their experience in orchestrating different types of events can be invaluable in ensuring your event’s success.


The Significance of Impressing Your Guests

The food and drink at your event reflect directly on your company’s standards and ethos. Thus, choosing a caterer that can help you make the appropriate impression is crucial. This means providing delicious and good-looking dishes as well as ensuring the service is seamless and professional, from the planning stages to the execution on the day.


Supporting Small Businesses

Choosing a local, small business like Abbots Events for your corporate catering needs offers multiple benefits. Not only are you likely to receive a more bespoke service, but you’re also supporting the local economy. Many small catering businesses, including Abbots, prioritise sourcing their ingredients locally, which can add a fresh and unique flavour to your event’s menu.


Collaboration for a Seamless Event

Effective collaboration with your catering company is key. This involves clear communication about your vision, budget, and any specific requirements or preferences you might have. It also means being open to suggestions from your caterer, who can offer valuable insight and creativity to the planning process, a practice championed by the experts at Abbots Events.

Providing feedback after the event is crucial. It helps your caterer understand what was successful and where improvements can be made, ensuring even better service for future events.

In summary, choosing the right caterer for your corporate event involves balancing quality, variety, and personalised service. By selecting a catering company that aligns with your event’s vision and standards, as recommended by the seasoned professionals at Abbots Events, you ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience for all your guests, leaving a lasting positive impression that reflects well on your organisation.

Abbots Events’ specialises in corporate catering events. We’d love to discuss how we can help deliver your events.