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food you want, delivered straight to you.

Lunch deliveries are a new addition at abbotsevents. This is a scheme that means we bring your lunch buffet to work! You order which buffet menu you would like and for how many people and we will make and deliver your lunch at whatever time you would like. So, if you are having a conference at work, it’s a special day or you just want to treat your staff this is perfect for you. It is all freshly made on the day and is delivered with care by our staff. Just contact us to arrange a time, date, amount and menu and we will be happy to help.

How it works:

Step 1: Fill in the form below, call us on 01480 499681 or email us at bookings@abbotsevents.co.uk

Step 2: We will reply with a booking form for you to sign and return back to us, this will confirm your lunch delivery.

Step 3: abbotsevents will deliver your lunch to the reception area, if you provide us with a specific location in the building, let us know and we will deliver there.

abbotsevents are also do on-going contracts for your whole team if you are looking for continuous lunch deliveries throughout the year. Contact us now for more information.


food at your desk or in a meeting.

Lunch Deliveries are the perfect option to mix working and lunch. It is a great opportunity to reward staff whether it is a daily occurrence or Friday Feast abbotsevents can help you arrange this.

Book your lunch delivery,

Please fill in your name, the menu you would like, email and telephone, leaving us a message with any dietary requirements and send. We will then get back to you with a booking form to confirm your lunch delivery!

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