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Corporate Event Catering

Corporate Catering

Corporate Catering - Impressing VIP’s at an event is very important and we would love to help you make sure they have the best day they could have. By offering quality food and drink we want to help you impress and get the best out of your event.

If you would like a banquet dinner or lunch or just a buffet with tea and coffee served to the table, we will offer our best service. Whatever your choice we will offer a menu to best suit your event and guests. Whatever brand or image you have we want to cater to this to make sure you and your guests get the most out of the meal.

We can also offer a drinks service before and after meals to keep everyone hydrated and ready for the day. We will work with you from the initial enquiry all the way through to the day of the event to make sure you get everything out of the day and make the best impression you can. Whether it’s the judges of a dog show, the pilots of planes or your sponsors we want them to go home more than satisfied.

By using us this means one less job for you to worry about so you are free to do whatever you do best.


Only the best...

When organising events, we know that there is always a team of hard workers that can get grumpy if they are not fed. Therefore, we offer a service that provides food and drinks for your team so they work with a smile for the rest of the day. We can provide hot or cold meals depending on the weather and your day.

We can prepare a buffet with sandwiches and cake or a cooked hearty meal, whatever will make your busy bees buzz quicker. As well as offering private catering we can also make sure you are looked after throughout the event.

We can provide your staff with a meal from any of our units using  either a tab or token system. By using the tab system we will keep record of what you have eaten/drunk and how much it comes to on each unit and invoice you after the event. This works if you have a large numbers of staff and do not want to restrict them.  Whoever has a token can go to any of our units and as long as they are within budget they can have whatever they like (food/drink) without any direct payment.

If you would like to treat your staff after the event to say thank you, we can offer and organise a banquet style dinner to show how much you appreciated them. At a venue of your choice, at the event, a new venue or our very own we can supply a meal that really would say thank you!

No matter where your event, on request, we can provide a pop up kitchen to make sure your meals are prepared in the best way possible. We could also do a drop off lunch (look at lunch deliveries for more information).